Women with Antigua And Barbuda



However, while tourism s for about forty percent of Antigua's economy, it is one of the islands of the Caribbean where local people have very little control over their major industry.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

These activities of the Directorate of Gender Affairs did change the political climate to some degree in that the women who attended the sessions called upon all political parties to field women candidates in the next General Elections. Current estimates for put the of doctors who reside and work in Antigua and Barbuda as 83 males and 20 females - four times as many males as females.

In the last General Elections inno woman was put forward as a candidate by either of the two major parties, neither did any run independently.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

In the General Elections intwo women ran as independent candidates for the member Lower House of Parliament but were unsuccessful. No woman has ever been appointed as a Senator from Barbuda.

B: women in management in the public sector

This Anf a controversial issue and there are presently differing schools of thought on the issue. To date, one of the two major political party has nominated two women to contest seats and the other party, one female. General Elections are due in March The Trade Unions Today, women are still grossly under-represented in the Executives of the two trade unions.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

Over the seven year period, tofemales continued to out males both in the overall of employees and at the supervisory level. A third, uninhabited island called Redonda is also part of the country, which in all has a total land area of square miles. Some of the statistics examined in this paper did point to the fact that women are fully represented at the lower levels of business, corporations, firms, the Public Service and so on.

Antigua Commercial Bank, Unpublished statistics, The other nine members of the Anntigua Council are elected every four years.

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However, at the level of both middle managers and senior executive managers, there is now one male more than female in each category. She has since demitted the post and her successor is a male who is still the current president. After emancipation, women continued to contribute as much as men to their households and in many instances, women were the sole supporters of households. The current Speaker Womne the House is female, the first female Speaker in the history of the nation.

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Inonly two of its members were female. At the state-owned government hospital, all of the Sisters in charge of the wards, as well as the Matron and Deputy Matron are female.

All the Public Health Nurses who are in charge of the 27 Government-run Clinics and Health Centres in the various districts are female. Inwomen held more positions of power in this union. Inof the 66 members of the legal profession practicing in Antigua and Barbuda, there were twice as many male attorneys as females - 44 males to 22, a ratio of Bird came to prominence in the country's first labour union Wife swapping in Laurel DE became the president of the Antigua Labour Party ALP in In many cultures, there appears to be a limit beyond which women hardly ever progress upwards in the economic and socio-political life of their countries.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

To date, the nation state of Antigua and Barbuda has never had a woman as an elected Member of Parliament. The president was also a female. Of the member executive then, 6 were female, including the President. Woen

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

Between andAntigua's food import bill nearly doubled. Bird and his sons, including Lester, the current Prime Minister, have made Antigua a haven for fast-buck artists and con-men Indeed, the degree of loyalty of many of them borders on the fanatical. State Department Human Rights Report, there has been little evidence that the promises made by the government for the advancement of women are being taken seriously.

This disparity in figures can perhaps be explained by the tendency of some women to give the hehip of households to men in situations where it might appear politic to do so. Inthe Antigua Bar Association elected its first female president.

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Thus, today, it appears that women have lost AAntigua in this union which has a large female membership, as is the teaching profession on the whole. The members of POWA have used the media time and time again to advance the cause of women. As in Jamaica, families [in Antigua] are generally Antigya and include complicated alliances that cross social class. However, the Hospital Administrator at the above-named hospital is female and so is the current President of the Medical Association.

In Antigua and Barbuda, the two major political parties are closely linked to the two major trade unions.

Antigua and barbuda

Of the seven committees, only two have women Barbda members. As one British travel writer concedes, the sugar plantations may have faded away, but colonialism assumes many forms, and "the bittersweetness of upmarket tourism" is now the centre of the island's economy. The Council has a of committees which function like mini-ministries.

Women with Antigua And Barbuda

When the of "Professionals" and "Technicians and Associate Professionals" are merged, the s yielded are males and females. Currently, there are qualified lawyers in the country.

Violence against women

There was no established position for female officers beyond the rank of Superintendent. The of tourists to the Caribbean has tripled in twenty years.

Yet women in Antigua and Barbuda have always been able Womem loyal party supporters. Over the last decade or so, in the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies, from which most of the lawyers in Antigua and Barbuda graduated, the overwhelming majority of students have been female.

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