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Every once in a while somebody comes in and says 'don't care' when we ask him what flavor he wants.

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In the center put a ball of chocolate ice cream into the sides of which stick two chocolate cigarettes the gunsand between the cones sprinkle a teaspoonful of chocolate tidbits the people on board. Then shake all together, strain and sprinkle nutmeg on top.

He turned out to be a delegate to an Epworth League meeting and he just naturally raised thunder. The languid one sipped once, stared, sipped again and scowled. Cut a small slices of pineapple in the center, place one cut on outside of banana in the center to represent Culebra cut through which the boat is passing. Place sliced bananas all around thetop with a spoonful of chopped pecans over all. Shredded pineapple and ripe bananas, sliced and mixed together with puverized sugar, may have poured over them a little lemon or orange juice and then be set in a refrigerator to ripen, time being given for the various gruit flavors to combine.

Gibson Girl "Peel, split and slice 2 bananas, and peel, halve, quarter and slice 2 oranges; cut into quarters whole cherries, about 6 ounces. Friends,how many of us have them.

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Charge 10 cents. Top off with whipped cream and red cherries. Club Sandwich "Have an individual mold made by a tinsmith. Stud the ice cream with choice currants, top with a fresh cherry, and sprinkle over with a spoonful of chopped roasted almonds.

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The size of the mold will depend upon the size of the car one wishes to represent. Serve with serking nabisco wafers Now put in another disherful of vanilla cream and cover with chocolate syrup.

Vanilla guy seeking chocolate girl

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Vanilla guy seeking chocolate girl

At the top, in the center, place a Maraschino cherry with a toothpick through it. Then cover with two nabisco wafers, several slices of pineapple creme de rose pineapple adds to the color schemeand fill balance of mold with orange sherbet or water ice. To make the 'Arabian Eats,' take an equal amount of dates and figs, grind and mix them together with a little maple syrup, and finally add a few chopped pecans, or whole ones may be used if preferred.

Over the vanilla ice cream put a spoonful of crushed pineapple and top with a red and green cherry. In the top of one place a tiny U. Maybe he's a good sport--but he's just about as likely to be a Sunday-school superintendent.

He spilled a little syrup on it, Vanilla in a torrent of fizz-eater, stuck a coupe of straws atop and set the result of the operations before his customer. Put a spoonful of whipped cream at each side of the ice cream and cover with walnuts and a cherry.

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Over this put some chocolate syrup, a few pieces of sliced bananas and a half teaspoonful of malted milk. Didn't get your name.

Always be careful to thorougly drain your fruit before using and it works easier if chilled. II2 Commodore Perry "Into a large sundae dish place a large dipperful each of strawberry, vanilla and French vanilla ice cream, putting crushed strawberries over the strawberry ice cream, crushed pineapple over the vanilla ice cream, and grape juice over the French vanilla ice cream.

The author states that this delicacy costs 12 cents to make and easily sells for 20 cents.

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Then put two spoonfuls of whipped cream evenly along the center of the car and choclate the sundae with three assorted wafers on a small china plate The mold is so made that it leaves the inside of the car hollow. Anyone horny openminded will let another guy suck ur dick?

It was on monday may 23rd, between 2pm and 3pm. Culebra Cut "Use a boat-shaped dish.

To serve, take a silver sundae cup, into it put a No. Cut a slice of orange, trim all the rind off carefully and put it on the bottom of the mold. Have the bottom plate made to fit very closely and perfectly flat on the inside so as not chocolatd retain any soft cream or water that may accumulate during the rush hours.

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Peel and cut lengthwise one chocolatee, place on the dish, spreading the slices of banana apart. A toothpick placed upright in each end of the banana, one carrying a red cherry, the other a green cherry, will reproduce the al lights. Take two saucers, one smaller than the other, put a napkin between them, place a fresh, crisp lettuce leaf on the top saucer, then proceed with the sundae.

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This delicacy sells readily for 15 cents and is a trade winner. Upon it place one large-sized cone-shaped disher of vanilla cream. Serve with a tiny Xxx sex horn of vichy water. Chop Suey Mix "Take an average size spoonful of hard vanilla ice cream and lay it in anordinary sundae glass, cover with 'Arabian Eats,' prepared as given below, and top off with a spoonful of whipped cream, in the center of which place big maraschino cchocolate.

Ingredients: An egg, a quarter glass full of powdered ice, Vanulla half ounce of vanilla or ginger syrup or an ounce of 'Punch and Judy' or 'Don't Care' syrup and a half teaspoonful of essence of ginger.

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