Seeking a lady with amazing oral skills



The worst is when they think they're good at it or don't take any of the hints of how I'm physically or verbally responding. For us, there are many other factors that come into play — and the two big skkills are skill and trust. For many especially enthusiastic men, though, cunnilingus is about way more.

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I hated it and usually would just be waiting for it to be over. Like, I know I deserve it, it's really relaxing, but if I don't focus on my breathing, I'll just fall asleep. To hear and feel her reactions from that incredibly intimate point of contact is both bonding and super sexy, for me. The next guy was pretty good at it, the next guy probably majored in eating out in college.

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But I'm happy to tell someone what I like, SSeeking they'll listen. We already know that some women hate cunnilingus and others love it, but we wanted to know why. Diana, 35 "Love it when it's done right, without any pressure for me to climax quickly. I don't know if it's because my first husband — who was also my first sexual partner — was completely adverse to it and I developed a shame for it?

One of the primary reasons men say they love giving oral sex is partly selfish: Making women feel good makes them feel good. Especially when the sexual, physical and spiritual connection is there, it's like two bodies connecting and expanding into a universe of sensation.

I only had one partner that was not great at it, but I think it had more to do with his partners liking totally different things from me. That sentiment also applies to sex: Being told how good you are at giving head is a pretty big ego boost.

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People always counter with 'you've just never had good head then. Men's reasons for loving a little tongue action are manifold, but they mostly stem from the same fundamental and not totally shocking truth: Women like being eaten out, making that in itself a worthwhile pursuit. Colleen, 30 "I hate it. Cunnilingus before intercourse can ificantly improve both partners' experience because, to put wih simply, it's better when it's Minneapolis granny for bbc.

Seeking a lady with amazing oral skills

Natalia, 26 "I can go without it. Leigh, 29 "For me, when [my partner] goes down on me it's the Shavasana pose in yoga. There are very few dudes I'm down ha! That intimacy often translates to the rest of a sexual encounter, which can improve a couple's overall chemistry.

What is cunnilingus?

Jessica, 31 "I love it, if they know what they're doing or will take instruction. So help her get off! Most of the women I've been with said they find it hard or impossible to orgasm purely from sex. It's like, right in this moment, I have you completely.

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My current partner is a champion, and I love it when he eats me out. I fully enjoy watching a woman enjoy my skills. He knows I don't care for it, but he doesn't know that I use it as time to organize my to-do list. I feel like mutual oral sex is a big part of that.

Cunnilingus: how to give (and receive) great oral sex

Here's what they had to say. Kathryn, 34 "I'm a huge fan of it with the right person and enough effort. I mean, it's best if they're already pre-trained and know what they're doing. I love the actual act of it; the smell, the taste, etc.

Everything you need to know about oral sex

It's just all around awesome. Becky, 29 "I have zero hangups about receiving, always loved it.

Seeking a lady with amazing oral skills

Amaazing those are also the guys who get really offended if A true russian lady try to direct them. With age comes maturity, and with maturity comes the knowledge that sex usually just isn't as fun when only one partner gets off. And at this point, I've come to know what they can do that really gets me going and so I'm happy to give driving directions. It's a two-sided coin, and I don't want to have sex to solely get my rocks off.

After all, I don't have to worry about not knowing what I'm doing, I can just lie there and have fun! With girls, I'm more of a giver than a receiver, so it's mainly a moot point.

Plus, she'll probably be more inclined to reciprocate, if you're into that sort of thing. Some women prefer or need penetration to reach orgasm, but I have found that many prefer cunnilingus and clitoral stimulation to get there. We all like being good at things. I also have a lot of weird baggage associated with it, because the first guy I dated who actively loved giving head, rather than just being kind of into it, was also seriously abusive. They are more relaxed, which is always good if you Ladies wants hot sex MI Kalamazoo 49008 to try other things.

Not because he's bad at it, but because I'd just rather do other things … like sleep. I can do without it, especially because in the case of him going down on me, that breathing is fake moaning.

Seeking a lady with amazing oral skills

I like knowing I can take someone out of her own head. Since it got to a point when a lot of amwzing sex life wasn't the most consensual, to say the least, I don't exactly have the greatest associations with getting head, and without massive trust, the whole experience is just stomach-turning.

Seeking a lady with amazing oral skills

I'm a big giver, but as I age I expect things to be more balanced and am more comfortable giving direction

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