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Freaky chic: the best 5 halloween make-up looks of all time

Von Smith: He looks like a smirky child star all grown up, like someone who drove Mr. Scientists hypothesize that this reaction puts your body into a heightened state of protection in case you get injured—or if what is on screen is really hiding under your bed! The first group of 12 will Looklng singing for their survival as our master of ceremonies, Sean Daly, revs up the Pop Life crew for some wicked wisecracks.

Nick, whose alter ego Sex personals Edgerton the Birdcage-y Norman Gentle, gets doinked soon. Sean Daly can be reached at sdaly sptimes. But Jasmine oozes starpower - and sexy starpower at that. It's time to whittle down the warblers.

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August 28, If you are looking to escape our current reality by diving deep into an escapist horror movie this weekend, know that being scared enough to let out a bloodcurdling scream, is not just hyperbole. But alas, he thinks he can croon.

Looking for fun and freaky

Von voyage! His backstory weeps of Hallmark movie of the week.

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That faint whiff of Aiken could help him out, but I don't think so. His bromantic bud Jamar got bounced, but no matter: Danny is gold. So get your dialing digits ready, boys and girls! Michael Sarver: "Big Oil" Sarver isn't as good as you think.

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Sometimes the weird ones stick. There's a lot of fat Beautiful women Mettmann American Idol's Top 36 list, which starts getting trimmed to a tidy 12 tonight. Kendall Beard: The blond, pin-up-worthy Beard is a goner, too, but mainly because the borderline-talented hottie always suffers a cruel fate in this round. Take it from me, being incredibly attractive is a gift and a curse.

Hang on, Noopy. And both Paula and Kara wanna jump his bones. Maybe Fatburger is hiring?

Grab your Funyuns, point your browser to blogs. Jasmine Murray: There are certainly pretty people in the remaining group I'm looking at you Casey Carlson, rawr! It turns out that when you are truly Lookinb, your body releases chemicals that cause your blood to coagulate curdle faster than normal. I see her getting the feminist vote. But her name is so killer - a lil rap, a lil gunplay, a lil old-school cool - that Lil Rounds gets my vote.

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Lil Rounds: Honestly, I can't remember her actually singing anything. Or at least the Carlton Your Doorman vote. His Pop Life blog is at blogs. For the uninitiated, it's like having your own Mystery Science Theater Show. Alex Wagner-Trugman: This bug-eyed outcast, aka "Closet Mold Boy," is a nervous, nerdy wreck - but a perfect choice for those who "vote for the worst. She's smooth, stealthy, lethal.

But he's a muscular "roughneck," he works on a rig and the ladies loooove him. His brawny backstory takes him far.

Looking for fun and freaky

Fast facts Tatiana. There's Broadway beneath the eyeliner, but Lambert's Axl-in-mantyhose wail works.

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Belvedere crazy. Season Eight has proved a flabby mess, but we see a few worthy challengers - and more than a few with a bright future in food service.

Nick Mitchell: Sometimes Idol lets in a freak 'cause everyone else is boring.

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