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He's partial, of course. Knoxville's adult population tends to feel more urban--and more cosmopolitan--than its adult population of 20 or 30 years ago. Nashville: "Music City, U.

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Lucille's caters to a younger clientele, mostly under 45, mostly single. He and his most frequent saxophone accomplice, Terry Schmidt, have a locally released CD. One is that a surprisingly small of jazz musicians come from large metro areas.

As they slip through their 30s and 40s, Dotson thinks, they may lose the rock 'n' roll habit, but not necessarily the nightclubbing habit. Audiences are currently averaging each Friday night, 40 Fridays a year.

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The compilation album Night Train to Nashvillespawned by an deeking at the Country Music Hall of Fame, showcased and celebrated this history. Stevie Moore and Dave Cloud. At a recent show there was an old lady in a wheelchair, several toddlers, teenage girls, men in suits and gray whiskers, all enjoying themselves. Seeking few UT faculty members are bold enough to make comparable claims about their own departments; few have reason to.

Jazz Knoxville seeking someone to love

If you haven't heard Knoxville and jazz floating on the same breath, maybe you don't get out enough. But it works.

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I didn't think I'd want to live here. One of these local sounds was Jaaz by the Carter Family. Wynder is now the new executive director of the Jazz Exchange Organization, which demonstrates jazz in local high schools and coordinates special events.

Donald Brown, a Memphis-born pianist whose jazz recordings are known worldwide, asserts that Knoxville's jazz scene is more lively than that in his more musically famous home town. Many observers credit Brown with the lion's share of Knoxville's recent mania for jazz. But this album is undeniably a jazz album, albeit soft jazz, featuring the talents of Brown who did the arrangements and Wynder leading a horn section of seven saxophonistsas well as jazz guitarist Mark Boling and others.

Even if they just have jazz once a month, it's something to look forward to. Even as country music became central to Nashville's identity and music commerce, a string of clubs on Jefferson Street played host to Hot housewives want casual sex North Scituate rhythm and blues. Several musicians featured at Alive After Five have gone on to other forums.

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National jazz critics had been calling Brown one of America's brightest talents for years. This happens every Friday night. That's what jazz is, improvisation. A video she made a couple years ago got some rotation on national country TV.

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I don't know exactly what it is. But he was frustrated with his recent Ivory's show. All kinds of music, he says, have their place, representing one region or one age group or one social status. A pianist in the band of the legendary drummer Art Blakey which had recorded some Brown compositions in its last yearsBrown had passed through Knoxville in the early '80s.

But many remember one place and time when live jazz went ballistic.

Jazz Knoxville seeking someone to love

Dotson sees a demographic trend at work here. One of only a few local jazz musicians who weren't lured here by UT's music department, the Sarasota native arrived accidentally--he was stranded here in by a big band whose name he prefers not to recall.

Jazz Knoxville seeking someone to love

Knoxvillians with only a passing acquaintance with jazz were startled a couple years ago to hear the pianist who'd played for free at local restaurants, taking requests from boozy patrons, featured for the full hour of the nationally popular public-radio show "Piano Jazz. If mainstream Knoxville might call them pretentious, it's not their concern. They go into the magical culture of Knoxville that makes this such an interesting place.

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They come from Dubuque, Iowa; Manhattan, Kansas. Lucille's hosts it six nights a week. A trumpeter and record collector who lives west of Nashville regularly makes the mile trip to Knoxville three times a month just to hear the live jazz. It's packed, too. A fire destroyed the Best in early ' Bristol is also the birthplace of Tennessee Ernie Ford. Jazz survived and grew.

Werner, who has recently done the booking at Lucille's, is known for his perfectionism. Knoxville, as we know, is the cradle of country music, seeeking bassinet of the blues, and one of the playpens of rock 'n' roll. The Carter Family got their start on July 31,when A.

Jazz Knoxville seeking someone to love

Even the Village Jaz can't be much bigger than Lucille's. Some, like Wynder, remember Chantilly's as the beginning of the current interest in jazz.

Jazz Knoxville seeking someone to love

Hundreds have moved here to study jazz in the past decade or so, and seekinb have stayed. One of the most bizarre bands that's ever visited here, and one of the most entertaining, it may also have been one of the most musically ificant.

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I really miss that. The jazz soon moved downtown, briefly to a lounge called Piccolo's and to a short-lived Market Square spot called the Milestone, opened by soft-jazz band leader Lee Miles Stone. Others, like a service veteran I spoke with who's now training Knpxville be a veterinarian, save up to come only two or three times a year. Greg Negbauer, a Loge York pianist-songwriter known for his subtly humorous lyrics, gets extravagant press from Chicago to Austin.

Modern Jazz In the mid-'70s, public radio station WUOT, which had broadcast jazz occasionally since the late '40s, got a galvanic charge from a couple of new DJ's, Ashley Capps and Mike Dotson, maniacal young jazzhounds who approached the music with infectious Knoxvilke.

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