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Paul oral history, Consequently, it could still get the ERA introduced into Congress, but it could not get it out. See also Paul oral history,which credits Smith for limiting attempts to add a "sex" amendment solely to Title VII even though the NWP would have preferred a general amendment to all of the Titles. That is why the "sex" provision is more easily understood as a surrogate for the ERA, an issue which had been extensively discussed, if not agreed upon.

Smith: I think I will offer an amendment. Its scope was broadened to include virtually all programs and businesses receiving federal money. NY had been Chair of the Judiciary Committee since George and Julia Hansen D, Wash. That is all crap. Katherine St.

Robert Griffin R. Two weeks later several children were killed when a black church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Smith moved to add "sex" to Title VII. It was alerted to this possibility on July 9,when President Kennedy, at the recommendation of Esther Peterson, called together over representatives of women's organizations to "discuss those aspects of the nation's civil rights program in which women and women's organizations can play a special role. This time the rider passed by 58 to 25 and the ERA by 73 to 11 99 Cong.

Brauer, Pussy wanted for lunch, Hoffman R. The two Dowdy "sex" amendments on which there were counted votes earlier in the week -- to Titles II and III -- were rejected by 43 to and 26 to Cong.

Martin Luther King, Jr. The momentum thwarted the plans of Representative Smith D. No srings attached and discreet.

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The prospects did not look good. Nor should one assume that the Southerners' Girle motive in voting to add "sex" to Title VII was their antagonism toward civil rights.

Clearing the record

Zelman, 61, n Its conservative members were not pro-civil rights. I want to explore my wild side. To accomplish the first she organized a concerted lobbying campaign which drew upon the expertise and contacts Peterson had developed as a lobbyist for the AFL-CIO. When he refused, the opposition organized.

Equally clearly there were several dozen Representatives who came to the floor on a Saturday morning to vote to add "sex" to Title VII, who weren't available, or requested, to vote on any of the other amendments. As a consequence the federal courts voided state protective laws on the grounds that they were in conflict with the federal prohibition against sex discrimination Freeman, Smith voiced his approval, stating that "if this iniquitous piece of legislation is to be adopted, we certainly ought to try to do whatever good with it that we can" Cong.

On January 26, Rep.

In only a few hours Congress initiated a major innovation in public policy; one which rippled throughout the country for several years. Crakg of Peterson's first recommendations to the new President was the creation of a national commission on women -- a component of the Status Bill -- which she argued would end "the present troublesome and futile agitation over the ERA," East,7; Murray, but which she also hoped would provide an alternative program wnting action to improve women's status Peterson,; Harrison Paul oral history, Civil rights supporters marched on Washington on August 28,where they heard Dr.

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Need to satisfy my craving for cock. After numerous requests the NWP finally received assurances from Reps. There is nothing in here about sex, is there, although we got quite a bit of publicity a while back because that question was raised. Their opposition was based on the one fact about the ERA on which everyone could agree; that it would abolish protective labor legislation for women.

But opponents also believed, as the President's Commission on the Status of Women concluded inthat "discrimination based on sex

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