Flirty girls in Gary Indiana



Flirty girls in Gary Indiana

He said that dude is ripped. Howard said wind does make it worse.

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Marian tells Harold that they are not interested in the band. Howard said he just painted the whole weekend. Chris said no to that too. He said she was 25 percent Scottish and 25 welsh. The townspeople are aghast.

Flirty girls in Gary Indiana

He said that his fantasy suite is a room with a football in it and no pussy. Robin said he has that big dick energy. Gary said the guy is running for president. Howard played more of John McAfee talking about this stuff and saying that it's his body and his choice. Robin read a story about another blackface controversy. Howard said just talk. Howard read some of the details about how this company has become the largest music entertainment company. He said she came back and got sick and he knew it was going to happen.

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She said they have Howard to thank for that as well. They line up in concert formation at the front of the room. Memet said he understands. She said that he even strapped on the guitar long before he was going to play it. He said he remembers sitting down with them and they said they would do whatever it takes to get him.

Flirty girls in Gary Indiana

Gary said he had him change the picture so he looked better. He has to do his interviews in 5 minutes or less or his call can be traced. He said he may not have ever seen ln naked woman.

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Howard said Gary asked if guys like that walk around talking like that. The festivities at the party Inxiana with a huge dancewith Marcellus singing "Shipoopi". The Wells Fargo wagon comes to town, an event that is always met with great anticipation because of the interesting things that it brings from far-off places. Then he mentions Marian, hoping that they can help win her over by putting her in the dance group.

He said he checked out her ass when she walked out of the room and he got over that fear. Ralph said he loves how he just pops in and throws something out there. Robin read a story about the new M Night Shyamalan movie ''Glass'' being 1 at the box office once again.

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He said that he was in front of the biggest audience he's ever been in front of and he was bleeped for half the performance. He said he's not sure why it's even a secret. Gary said he's running in now to tell the story.

Flirty girls in Gary Indiana

Howard asked if Gary's kids know he's Dadddy Gary on Grindr. He said when he was trying to figure out what to do with his future he met with XM. Mariann said she has asked Bobo not to take her topic when he calls in.

He said he does meters and he's done. Howard took a call from a guy who said after that story about Mahomes he can't goof on Richard. Winthrop shows up, and Harold tells him about the band, and the cornet, and the uniform.

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Howard said they got a picture of Gary and put him on Grindr which is a hook up app for the gay community. Richard said if he runs 3 miles he may not. Howard said it's the same call every time. He tells Tommy Djilas to take over the rehearsal, having them sing for another hour or Flirgy. He said that he was told to just make it happen and he gets what he needs.

Howard said he drinks a lot of water and doesn't pee for 4 gitls. Marian gives him a reassuring look. Robin had Howard play that clip.

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She tells Gqry that she likes Winthrop very much, and says goodnight to him every night on the evening star, but he hardly ever says a word to her. Howard said bullshit. Robin had some audio of Rapaport going off on this player. Marian asks what they talk about.

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Howard ended the show around am. Gary said it's the John McAfee guy who had the anti-virus stuff. He said the old ones are in the shop getting a patch.

Howard said Indisna has to take a break and then get to Robin's news. He said for his commercial it would be like that but Howard throws a dildo through the screen. Howard said he was watching the app this weekend.

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