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Boat sail too fas' go under water Bottle no hab 'toppa belong to cockroach.

According to your act you get you wack You're dealt with according to your ways After Antiguw, clear wedda weather. Puss n'yam rattah, tell him say rattah tail 'tink.

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Nothing is in the house for me to eat. Faraway fowl hab fine fedders. Greed choke puppy. Eberyday der debbil no help tief, one day God help watchman. Betta for dem larf afta you when you right dan cry ober you when you wrong. Jury gone upstairs. No'hang you' clothes 'pon wan nail. Trouble nebber blow shell when dey come. Cow say "''Tan up"" don' mean rest.

Guinea bird keep company wid fowl when his foot bruk. Betta fo watch banbox full ob cockroach dan watch wan gal. When puppy get plenty milk, he make up he face at soup.

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If you ride de harse horseyou mus' pay to shoe him. When bottle coma, you tick an' all get drunk. Bit-bit make poun'. Anybody trouble me, I no see him, but me tell him howd'ye if we meet a pass.

Rum done, fun done. Cruppo no jump yhem picknie walk Children usually follow their parents footstep Cry-cry picknie nebber hab night.

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When puss hab money, he buy cheese. Cheap bargain tek money Choose a wife on a Saturday, nebber on a Sunday.

If you call tiger massa, he willin' to n'yam wid you. De same knife dat cut goat t'roat can cut sheep t'roat. When bull an' bull meet, dey call watty ""Bro"". No wait fo'get day tomorrer, tek awnt an' get there today. Pretty pol say he a dandy man. Belly - full tell hungry - man 'kip - heart' Bellyful bruk pot. Hollow gourdie mek de most noise. Sweep you own Barbusa door, before you sweep fo' me.

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Frog nebber gargle he t'roat till he tas'e fresh water. One s'mody can quarrel. When me done wid sardine me no meddle with the tin Reviving relationship,danger When mischief maker meet, de debbil devil go to dinner. Bad luck a obeah. Dutty water cool hot iron.

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No fisherman say he fish tuat. Big word bruk no man's jawbone. A word bettah dan a wink fo' a blind horse. Bush heb yeye. Come see me is one ting; come live with me is another. Sometimes 'tandin' collar 'tan top a empty stomach. Quick cent betta dan slow dollar! No cuss alligator long mout'.

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When puss gone, rattah tek house. Man nebber know de use of water, till him tank dry. Cow dat belong to butcher, he nebber say him bery well. De sea en'got no back door! Nebber mek you sail too big fo' you ship.

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When niggah happy him tell gub'nor good morning. Jill-pot turn down, pot-bottom turn up Jumbie know who foo freiken a foreday morning Keep off peoplewith exagg. Me lub picnic, but me know n'yam wid dem. No mind"" mek ship run ashore. Furder in the copse better de shady. Com-com-sah to carry favour worse than obeah. Ebery time fowl lay egg e' try to tell the whole world.

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